Welcome to the Sutton on Trent Sports Club, located on Grassthorpe Road, Sutton on Trent.

The Sports Club is run by Sutton-on-Trent Sports & Community Centre, a registered charity with the purpose of providing Sports & Community facilities for Sutton and it’s surrounding villages.

The aim of our charity is ” to establish, develop and maintain a community and resource centre for the benefit of all local residents and community groups within the village of Sutton- on-Trent and surrounding areas.

The funding committee is currently exploring avenues for grants and setting the wheels in motion to raise funds to enable us to extend and improve the current facilities.

If you wish to get involved or find out more information regarding the Sports Club please don’t hesitate to contact any of the committee members on the contacts below.

Sutton on Trent Sports & Community Centre are a Registered Charity number 1111529 and have been raising money to improve the Sports Club which is ongoing.

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Book the Hall

Our community hall and sports ground is available to book for a whole range of events. If you would like more information on availability and prices, please contact admin@suttonontrent.co.uk or complete the contact form. 

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