Welcome to the Sutton on Trent Village Sports and Community Centre, located on Grassthorpe Road Sutton on Trent.

Sutton-on-Trent Sports & Community Centre (formerly known as the SoT Village Centre) is a registered charity with the purpose of constructing a new Sports & Community building for Sutton and it’s surrounding villages.

The aim of our charity is ” to establish, develop and maintain a community and resource centre for the benefit of all local residents and community groups within the village of Sutton- on-Trent and surrounding areas.

The project is well under way, with planning permission granted for a new building to be constructed on the existing Sports Club site.
The Sports & Community Centre committee has many members with two sub-committee groups for buildings and funding.

The funding committee is currently exploring avenues for grants and setting the wheels in motion to raise an estimated one to one and a half million pounds for this project.

The building committee are currently working closely with our architect Damian Ellis to ensure we get a building which suits the needs of the villages.

If you wish to get involved or find out more information regarding the Village Centre project please don’t hesitate to contact any of the committee members on the contacts below.

Sutton on Trent Sports & Community Centre are a Registered Charity number 1111529 and have been raising money to build a new community centre which is ongoing. Plans are available to see here (link to plans).

Please make all donations through to our just giving page which is here (link to be completed)

Latest Event

70’s and 80’s Disco Night

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